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Franchise Times: “Tactics to shorten the learning curve, in Living Large”
Magazine takes look at how to maximize the value of training

The initial training of new franchisees can have a huge impact on their success once they open. In a recent article in Franchise Times, the magazine took a look at how to maximize the value of training - including the importance in being thorough and firm if there is pushback from new operators. “One problem that you do see is when franchisees try to get out of some portion of the training. They’ll say, ‘I already know that,’” Steve Beagelman, president and CEO of SMB Franchise Advisors, told Franchise Times. “They need to be there for the full amount. A new franchisee might say that they don’t need all of the training—but yours is a different concept, so they need to attend the full training program.” Read more here.